Qantas is Australia’s largest airline and the oldest continuously operating airline in the world. The Emirates and Qantas partnership offers a seamless travel experience across one of the world’s largest networks.


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Earn and redeem Skywards Miles when you fly with Qantas.

Please give your membership number when making your booking and show your Emirates Skywards® card when you check in.

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Earn Miles


You can earn the following Skywards Miles on Qantas flights* with a QF flight number, including any domestic flights* if taken as part of a continuous international journey. Please note that Skywards Miles will be awarded on Qantas-operated flights and QantasLink scheduled services only, and will not be earned on codeshare flights.

Miles Earned Per Mile Flown*
Economy (Discount) Economy (Full) Premium Economy Business  First
N, Q, O K, L, M, S, G, V Y, B, H, T W, R J, C, D, I  F, A
0.25 Miles 0.5 Miles 1 Mile 1.1 Miles 1.25 Miles  1.50 Miles


Spend Miles


You can use your Skywards Miles to book reward flights across the Qantas network using our Plan & Book online facility. Skywards Miles can only be redeemed for reward bookings on Qantas-operated flights with a QF flight number. 

The number of miles you need for a Qantas reward flight is based on the distance traveled. Please refer to the table below for Miles required for return flight rewards. To calculate one-way flight rewards, just halve the Miles given.

Spend Skysurfer Miles on a reward ticket.

Qantas Flight Zones
ZoneOne-way journey distance** (miles)Economy Class round tripBusiness Class round tripFirst Class round trip
Example itineraries for round-trip reward travel:
ZoneExample ItinerariesMiles for Economy Class round tripMiles for Business Class round tripMiles for First Class round trip
1FROM Sydney TO Melbourne, Brisbane, or Gold Coast16,00032,000N/A
2FROM Sydney or Brisbane TO Adelaide24,00048,000N/A
3FROM Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane TO Perth or Auckland36,00072,000N/A
4FROM Perth TO Singapore50,000100,000N/A
5FROM Sydney TO Hong Kong, Bangkok, or Singapore60,000120,000N/A
6FROM Sydney TO Shanghai, Tokyo, or Honolulu72,000144,000N/A
7FROM Sydney TO Johannesburg  84,000168,000N/A
8FROM Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane TO Dubai or Los Angeles96,000192,000288,000
9FROM Sydney TO Dallas112,000224,000336,000
10FROM Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane TO London or New York128,000256,000384,000

Important Information


Earning Miles

* Booking classes not eligible to earn Skywards Miles: P, U, Z, X, E

You will earn Tier Miles on Qantas-operated flights with an EK flight number. Tier Miles will not be available on any flights with a QF flight number.

Spending Miles

** Journey distance includes domestic connecting flights.

  • First Class is not available on all routes.
  • A single stopover is permitted per itinerary.
  • Upon completion of outbound travel, a maximum stay of three months applies.
  • The number of seats available for reward travel may be limited.
  • Children traveling on reward tickets will be required to redeem the same number of miles as adults.
  • Infants must be at least two weeks old to travel. 
  • On international flights, infants aged between two weeks and two years will be charged 10% of the adult reward fare. 
  • There is no charge for infants on Qantas domestic flights.
  • Miles stated are for direct flights only. Where no direct service is operated, two or more rewards may be required.
  • Qantas flights must be confirmed at the time of miles redemption. Waitlists are not permitted.
  • Reward tickets are valid for 12 months from date of issue.
  • Reward ticket coupons cannot be used out of sequence.
  • Date changes are permitted. A fee of USD 25 applies.
  • For flight and/or date changes prior to departure, please contact Emirates Skywards®.
  • Refunds on fully unused tickets are permitted at a charge of USD 75.
  • Expired Miles will not be reinstated.
  • Additional taxes and surcharges payable with cash are not included.
  • Emirates Skywards Program Rules apply.