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Staying Connected

Staying Connected

Stay in touch from 40,000ft

We’ve made it easier to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues when you fly. Connect to our onboard Wi-Fi, or use our in-seat phone, mobile and data roaming services. Check the Services by Flight tool to see what’s on your flight.

Mobile phones on Emirates
Use your mobile phone on select Emirates flights, just as you would do on the ground*. Available on over 300 flights a day including a growing number of A380 flights. Select A380s and Boeing 777s also feature GPRS/EDGE services.
Say hello to free Wi-Fi in the sky
Now it’s free to blog, post or tweet from your seat on most of our A380 aircraft. Enjoy 10MB of data for free, or buy 500MB for just USD 1. Three of our A380s don’t have free Wi-Fi yet. But you can buy 500MB for USD 1, and also on select Boeing 777s**.
In-seat telephone, SMS and email
Keep in touch with anywhere in the world by
in-seat satellite telephone and on screen SMS/email services. You can also use the
in-seat phone to speak to someone seated elsewhere on board.
Up to the minute information
Follow the progress of your flight on our moving map channel, Airshow; or enjoy a bird’s eye view from one of the external cameras. Read up on Dubai, Emirates, or Emirates Skywards, or see live BBC text news headlines, refreshed regularly during the flight. You won’t have to miss a thing while you’re in the air.
Note: Products and services vary according to aircraft, system, cabin and route. Inflight communications options may be subject to operational change. See what’s available on your flight.

* To use the service, your own mobile phone or mobile data provider must have a roaming agreement in place with OnAir or AeroMobile, Emirates’ service providers. Charges are in line with international roaming rates. On aircraft where the AeroMobile or OnAir mobile phone systems are not installed, existing rules regarding the use of mobile phones remain appropriate.

**Wi-Fi in the sky services may not be available over a number of countries including China and India. Our service provider is working with regulatory authorities to extend coverage.

Services by Flight

See what you can expect on your next journey.

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*Products and services may change due to operational requirements.
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