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Experience fine dining that takes you places

Explore the world in every bite of our regionally inspired meals

Choose from our menu of delicious multicourse meals and savour the flavours of your destination. Our chefs use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to prepare your gourmet dishes and update our menus every month. Pair your meal with a refreshing hot or cold drink, served at your leisure.

We prepare a wide range of dishes to meet your specific dietary needs, and our tasty, nutritious children’s meals make sure everyone arrives well fed.

We show the menu that’s on board at the moment. Check back within the month you fly to see the menu on your flight.

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OUTBOUNDFromSialkot, Sialkot International Airport, Pakistan (SKT)
ToDubai, Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates (DXB)
DepartingThursday, 2 April 2015
OUTBOUNDSialkot, Pakistan to Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Duration / Stops
EK62110:00Sialkot International Airport (SKT)03hr 35min
0 stops
Airbus A330-200
12:35Dubai International Airport (DXB)
Total Duration 3hr 35min
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(i) Unfortunately we can’t provide information about the wines on flights with our partner Qantas. Please visit for more information.
(ii) Unfortunately we can’t provide information about the wines on flights with other airlines. Please go to the airline's website.
Explore our menus for flight EK621 from Sialkot, Pakistan to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Business Class dining
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Explore new worlds in every bite

Taste your way around the world with fine cuisine inspired by the region. Our chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to prepare delicious meals, so you can sample the flavours of your destination. Enjoy a dining experience that takes you places.

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Economy Class dining
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Satisfy your taste for life

Let our world-class cabin crew serve you delicious gourmet meals made using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Choose from a menu inspired by the region, complemented by our range of hot and cold drinks. Our dining experience affords no economy.

Sorry, this menu isn't available at the moment.
We do our best to source local ingredients for our meals and bring you fine wines to match. But due to their availability, and depending on our service needs, we can’t always guarantee your choice will be on board.