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A Greener Tomorrow

A Greener Tomorrow

Plant a brighter idea for a greener tomorrow
Submit your ideas for the Emirates ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ initiative

Emirates and the Environment
Emirates conducts business on six continents and in over 80 countries. We are, unquestionably, a global enterprise. With that, we accept our global responsibility for economic, social and environmental sustainability. We were responsible for the establishment of the 225 km2 Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and are a pioneer in eco-tourism with the Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley in Australia, which is located on a 1,680 hectare wildlife conservancy, adjacent to the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park.

Emirates is committed to the continuous development of environmentally-responsible work practices and eco-efficient operations – from recycling newspapers, plastic, e-waste etc., to testing new air traffic management practices around our network that reduce fuel burn and carbon dioxide emissions, to conserving habitats in Dubai and Australia.

A Greener Tomorrow
Emirates wants to take environmental innovation even further, by supporting an environmental or conservation not-for profit organisation to safeguard their local environment through the ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ initiative. Due to the overwhelming response received when this initiative first ran in 2013, Emirates has decided to run this campaign once again, with the successful proposal/proposals receiving a one-time award of up to US$150,000. The money has been raised through our internal recycling programmes. Recycling is a growing part of the culture at Emirates, with our recycling programmes running for 5+ years in Dubai, processing more than 7 million kg per annum.

Who Can Participate
Emirates’ ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ initiative is open to any established not-for profit environmental or conservation organisation. The organisations applying must have transparent governance and be able to provide supporting evidence of such standards during the application process. Organisations who applied in 2013 are welcome to apply once again. 

If you are an organisation wishing to submit a proposal, the application form can be downloaded under ‘Application Process – Phase 1’, below. If you are an individual wanting to nominate an organisation, please send the organisation’s name, email address and contact telephone number to and they will be contacted accordingly.

The Application Process:

Application forms must be submitted before 7 May 2015 4pm GMT

There are two phases to the application process*

Phase 1
Organisations are invited to submit proposals describing the project, the deliverables, the impact to the local environment, the proposed timelines and spend forecasts. The application form can be found here

Proposals will be assessed by a cross company committee within Emirates. This committee will comprise of Senior Executives and members of the Environment team.

The committee will identify proposals that meet the awarding criteria, and invite the organisations to proceed to phase 2 of the application process.

Phase 2
Organisations invited to participate in phase 2 will be asked to give a presentation outlining their project proposal and providing more detail. These organisations will be expected to answer questions relating to the presentation and the management of the project. Information on content, length, dates and times will be provided upon notification of success.
*Emirates reserves the right to introduce a third phase if a successful proposal/proposals cannot be identified after the completion of phase 2. This may consist of any or a combination of interviews/site visits/requests for further information.

Entry Criteria: 

Core Criteria 

  1. Project proposals must come from not-for profit organisations
  2. Project proposals must detail clearly the environmental outcomes/deliverables from the project and the measurement milestones
  3. Project proposals must demonstrate clear timelines from date of award to delivery against the measured outcomes
  4. Project deliverables must start between 0-24 months from date of award

Project proposals meeting the below criteria will be given preference

  1. Impacting a country on the Emirates network – particularly those in developing countries
  2. Organisations audited/verified by a third party on an annual basis
  3. Existing projects (or those associated with an existing NGO)
  4. Projects involving conservation and/or environmental technology

Judging Criteria

Below are some of the criteria the proposals will be assessed against (Emirates reserves the right to add additional criteria to this list).

  1. Does this project impact the local environment?
  2. Will this project educate people on a global or local community level?
  3. How will the award impact this project?
  4. What impact does this project have on the local community?
  5. How innovative is this project?
  6. Is this project self-sustaining after the initial award?
  7. Is this project based in a developing country?
  8. Is this project based in a country on the Emirates network?
  9. Is the project/organisation audited/verified by a third party?
  10. Is this an existing project, or linked to an existing organisation?
  11. Are there clear environmental outcomes/deliverables associated with this project?
  12. What percentage of the award does this project require?
  13. Is this project already funded by other organisations?
  14. Is there a clear, realistic timeframe associated with this project?

Competition Stipulations

  1. Emirates will provide a one-off award to the winning organisation/organisations. There will be no continuous funding to supplement, develop or enhance elements of the project.
  2. The winning organisation/organisations must submit regular project accounts to Emirates, and allow The Emirates Group to audit their project records for the duration of the funding period/project lifecycle.
  3. The winning organisation/organisations must permit nominated Emirates representatives access to project site/s to monitor progress, milestones and outcomes.
  4. The winning organisation/organisations must permit Emirates to monitor the development and outcomes of the project. The winning organisation/organisations must also provide information for reports/press releases/photography and facilitate requests for access for photography and communication purposes. 

All queries and responses regarding this competition should be directed to:

Our ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ campaign - 2013
Our ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ campaign - 2013
The aim was to support not-for profit environmental or conservation organisations by providing a funding award of up to US$150,000. Our ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ campaign - 2013