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How do I claim missing Miles from an Emirates Skywards partner?

A claim can be submitted if Miles have not been credited into your account within three weeks of the transaction date. In this case, please take the following action:

  1. Airlines: please fill in the online claim form with the required information such as booking name, flight date, flight number, class of travel, origin, destination and ticket number.
  2. Hotels, car rental or retail & lifestyle: please fill in the online claim form and attach a copy of the original invoices within six months of the original transaction date.
  3. Banks: please contact your bank’s service centre directly.

Please allow six to eight weeks from the date your claim is received for any missing Miles to appear in your Emirates Skywards account.

Some of our partners offer the facility for members to make a claim directly on their website. Please visit a particular partner page to see if this service is available.