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Flight Status Alerts

There are 10 FAQs for Flight Status Alerts.

What are email & SMS flight status alerts?
This complimentary service allows you to receive flight status updates by email or by SMS. You can choose to be alerted if there are any departure and/or arrival delays for specific flights and dates relevant to you. You can also opt in to receive the actual departures and arrival times of any flights.
How do I register to receive alerts?
Using our online Flight Status tool, search for the specific flight for which you wish to receive status alerts. Then follow the instructions on the results page to register. You can register to receive alerts from 48 hours before the departure or arrival of a specific flight.
How much will each message cost?

This Emirates service is complimentary, but the mobile service provider you are connected to may apply their own charges. This depends entirely on your mobile network, however email alerts will always be free of charge.
View the list of providers here.

In order to sign up to receive alerts, you must be the owner of the email address and/or mobile phone, or a lawful user of it who is authorised to incur any charges that may be applied.

When will I receive alert messages, and how many?

If you have registered to receive departure alerts, you will only receive an alert if departure is delayed by more than 30 minutes. If the new estimated departure time then changes by a further 30 minutes, you will again be notified and so on. You may also opt in during registration to receive an additional alert informing you of the real-time flight departure.

The same applies if you have signed up to receive arrival alerts.

Email and SMS alerts are sent 24 hours a day, depending on the status of the flight.

What information will a flight status alert contain?

You can register to receive flight status alerts for any Emirates flight. Each email or SMS message will contain the following information:

  • The Emirates flight number

  • Date of departure/arrival

  • Airport and terminal of departure/arrival

  • Scheduled departure/arrival time

  • Estimated departure/arrival time

  • Flight status

If you have additionally registered for alerts informing you of the real-time arrival or departure times, the message will also contain this time.

Please note that flight status times should be used as a guide only. Emirates is not liable for any error, delay, interruption, inaccuracy or incompleteness in the service. 

Can I unsubscribe from the service?
Once you have subscribed to receive alerts for a flight on a specific date, you cannot unsubscribe, however you will not receive any more messages after the entire one-way journey is complete.
Which mobile phones are enabled to receive the service?
All mobile phones which are able to receive SMS text messages can support this service.
Why didn’t I receive an email or SMS text message?

 If you have subscribed for the alerts but have not received any, it may be because of one of the following reasons:

  • There were no delays to the flight you registered for, and/or you did not opt in for an additional notification on actual arrival or departure

  • The contact details you entered were incorrect

  • Your mobile device is not set up to receive SMS text messages

  • The mobile network you are connected to has not allowed the SMS text message to be delivered.

  • You provided your mobile number/email address less than 23 hours before departure.

Depending on your network provider and your particular mobile device, delivery of your SMS messages cannot be guaranteed by Emirates. Delivery failure, delay or duplicate delivery may occur.

What languages are flight status alerts available in?
The messages are available in English only.
How safe are my personal details?
Email and SMS alerts will only be sent to you for the specific flight/s you requested, and your contact details will not be used for any other purposes.
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