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Flights to Clark : Guide

Flights to Clark

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Fly to Clark, PhilippinesAbout Clark

Clark is on the largest island in the Philippine archipelago Luzon. The area was originally a US military installation, but is now an emerging leisure destination in the Pampanga province.


Clark has a variety of attractions from golf resorts and championship courses, to historical monuments and family friendly entertainment.

There are local spas offering a range of treatments including traditional massage and aromatherapy. You can also visit the Puning Hot Springs, which has over 10 thermal springs.

Clark’s military history has a strong influence on much of what one sees in the area. The most historically significant monument is the iconic Salakot, a pagoda-like structure that commemorates the handing over of the base to the Philippine Government. Other interesting sites include the remnants of the Kelly Theatre (once Clark’s only theatre) and the Old Cannon monument.

A range of family-orientated theme parks offers an engaging time for visitors of any age. These include the Fontana Water Park, the Clark Nature Park and the Zoocobia Fun Zoo.

Enjoy a family outing at the Picnic Ground, a favourite public space among locals. The Bicentennial Park and The Parade Grounds, which are in close proximity to one another, are also ideal for outdoor relaxation.

Experience the colourful spectacle of the Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival that showcases dozens of balloons of all colours, shapes and sizes. The Festival usually takes place in February and features activities like aerobatic displays, skydiving and model aircraft demonstrations, attracting thousands of people every year.

Entertainment & Dining

Enjoy the duty-free shopping found in Clark Freeport. Or pay a visit to the weekly farmer’s market, known as ‘Farm Fresh’, which offers fresh produce from the surrounding areas at excellent prices.

Visit any of Clark’s many restaurants, which include local and international cuisine, seafood, and fast food. Many of the restaurants are usually found at the hotels in the area. Adventurous travellers may want to try the regional dish batute - deep fried frog stuffed with beef.

You can also enjoy a night of gaming at any of Clark’s resort casinos including the Fontana Casino, Pagcor Mimosa Casino and the Casablanca Casino.

Fly to Clark, PhilippinesBeyond Clark

Although a self-contained area, Clark is actually a part of the vibrant metropolis Angeles City. Explore Fields Avenue, a centre for Angeles’ active nightlife.

A fixture in Philippine social life is the karaoke lounge. Performed in dedicated lounges across the city, karaoke is a popular past time among locals.

Subic Bay has opportunities for water sports like scuba diving, yachting and surfing. Not far away from the Bay you can find hiking trails that take you through the Zambales Mountains and its abundant flora and fauna.

One of the views that must be seen is the crater lake of Mt Pinatubo. With tours and hikes up to the caldera, the 1991 eruption created what is now a favourite destination for locals and visitors alike.