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Privacy and Data Security

How do I know if my connection is secure?

The common standard on the internet to signal a secure site is a closed lock at the bottom of the browser. As long as the closed lock is displayed your information is secure and encrypted. Please note that if you click the secure transaction link and still cannot see the closed lock, the browser window may be nested in another frame.

To make sure you have a secure connection in Internet Explorer, click the right mouse button somewhere on the page (not over a picture), then select ‘Properties’. Check 'Connection' to see if the connection is secure or not.

In Firefox, click the right mouse button somewhere on the page (not over a picture), then select ‘View Page Info’ from the menu that appears. Click the ‘Security’ tab on the new window.

In Netscape, click the right mouse button and select 'View Frame Info'. At the bottom of the text you will see Security information.

In Safari, click the lock icon to see detailed information about the site’s security certificate.

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