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For the ultimate island escape, nothing beats travelling to the Seychelles.
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This chain of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean has everything you could want: perfect weather, gorgeous beaches and a sparkling blue ocean full of sea life. Add to the mix an abundance of five-star luxury hotels, and you’re set for the most peaceful of holidays among beautiful bays and perfect views.

But where to stay in the Seychelles? Just 15 of the islands are inhabitable, and most visitors tend to stick to one of three: Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Mahé is the biggest, and its capital, Victoria, is the best place to learn more about local culture. The National History Museum is tiny, but full of information on music, local customs and superstitions and, of course, the prized national plant coco de mer.

But why spend time indoors when you have your own personal paradise to explore? Once you’re done strolling around Victoria (which won’t take long at all), set your sights on a forest trek. Morne Seychellois National Park is a vast nature reserve, and if you make it to its highest peak (905m above sea level), you’ll be rewarded with brilliant views of the island.

Still, the real draw is the beaches in the Seychelles. There isn’t a single stretch of coastline that isn’t photo worthy, but Petite Anse Bay is extra special: think powder-soft white sand and aquamarine water, set against a backdrop of lush green and granite hills. It’s a fantastic snorkelling and diving destination too – in some places, you can snorkel straight off the beach and there’ll be coral to explore.

If you have time to venture further afield, it's easy to travel to Praslin. Not only is it home to the stunningly pretty Cote d’Or beach, but the island’s nature reserve, Vallée de Mai, is a Unesco World Heritage Site that's thought to be millions of years old. Little La Digue is also worth a visit – the lack of cars on the island makes it the most peaceful of the three.

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A stunning island in its own right, Mahé boasts the natural attractions of the granite-lined north-east of the island, as well as its highest peak, Morne Seychellois. It also offers the chance to experience the many cultural elements and glorious beaches that this stunning region has to offer.