First Class Dining

First Class Dining

An award-winning dining experience combining the finest local ingredients with exquisite flavours and impeccable service

Emirates has extended its commitment to offering not just the finest dining experience in the skies, but a dining experience worthy of the finest restaurants all around the world.

On the Brisbane-to-Singapore route, for example, the Asian-accented braised beef rib and the fresh, stir-fried lobster in black bean sauce reflect the vivid flavours of the local markets. That's just one of the regionally inspired menus created with care for our First Class passengers by our world-class chefs.

Healthy Meal Options

We are delighted to offer Healthy Meal Options to our First Class menus. Our award-winning chefs have designed these meals with an emphasis on creating dishes that promote good health.

Combining the freshest, best-quality ingredients with a range of imaginative cooking techniques, Emirates Healthy Meal Options dishes are designed to bring out the food’s natural flavours – without adding excessive fats or oils.

Healthy Meal Option dishes are now available on most long-haul Emirates flights around the world.

The Emirates dining experience

Eating well is an essential part of the Emirates travel experience. Those who have travelled Emirates First Class before know how committed we are to the planning, preparation, and service of cuisine that is worthy of our passengers’ eminent good taste.

  • First Class customers enjoy a complete range of complimentary drinks including cocktails, champagne, and vintage wines, except on flights to Saudi Arabia.
  • With a phone call to the crew on many of our flights, First Class passengers may order multi-course meals and snacks from an extensive menu at any time.
  • Stylish sundries include hot toast and cappuccino coffee in the morning, and Emirates range of premium speciality teas.
  • All meals are served on bone china tableware, on tray tables laid with fine linen.

Sample menu

Served with traditional accompaniments, sour cream and blinis

A selection of traditional Arabic mezze, including labneh with sumac powder stuffed in cucumber, moutabel, shanklish salad, marinated loubieh in tomato cup, cheese sambousik, sujuk with haloumi cheese, kibbeh stuffed with ratatouille, coated prawns

Thin slices of tangerine-marinated smoked chicken breast, served on lentil salad, accompanied with zaatar dressing

Spicy tomato soup with baby okra slices, served with toasted croutons

Salad prepared by your crew to your liking with a choice of accompaniments offered with roasted red pepper mayonnaise or Italian vinaigrette

Marinated fillets of hammour served with orange flavoured sauce, enhanced with jalapeno pepper

Shredded slices of tender beef, braised and served in a coconut sauce, garnished with cilantro and fried red peppers

Duck breast glazed with wild forest honey, roasted and accompanied with a mild cherry sauce

Layers of spinach pasta and grilled aubergine slices, served with creamy mozarella sauce, sprinkled with tomato flavoured pesto sauce

Creamed fennel, broccoli souffle, mixture of turned vegetables, parisienne potatoes with herbs and steamed rice

Baked banana and pecan nut pudding, accompanied with half whipped cream

Traditional home made cheesecake with fresh strawberries

A selection of international cheeses, served with crackers, grapes and crudités

Ceylon, China, Earl Grey, Camomile

Freshly brewed or decaffeinated

Please note that the above is an example of a typical menu and may vary. Our menus are updated continually.

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