Business Class Dining

Business Class Dining

Relax and enjoy an award-winning gourmet dining experience and excellent service

In a world where working weeks stretch ever longer and the range of the average business person grows ever wider, the demanding schedule of the modern business traveller affords few opportunities to savour a relaxing meal. That luxury however, is a standard part of Emirates’ Business Class travel. 

Feel free to work through your meal as you travel to or from your important business engagements. But try unplugging for a short while on your next Emirates flight and you’ll see why we’ve earned our reputation for the finest food and service available in Business Class today.

Healthy Meal Options

Our award-winning chefs have created a range of healthy meal options with an emphasis on preserving the original flavours and essential vitamins, whilst avoiding the addition of saturated and trans fats, salt and added sugars.

In preparing these dishes, they have used cooking techniques and styles associated with healthy eating-grilling, poaching, stewing, boiling, baking and the unique sous vide ‘under vacuum’, a technique that is intended to maintain the integrity of fresh ingredients by heating them for an extended period at relatively low temperatures.

The Emirates dining experience

  • Business Class customers enjoy a complete range of complimentary drinks including cocktails, champagne, and vintage wines, except on flights to Saudi Arabia.
  • All meals are served on china tableware, on tray tables laid with fine linen.

Sample menu

Campari Bitter

Martini Vermouth - Dry/Sweet

Sake - Hakutsuru (Japan routes)

A selection of international beers including Heineken, Budweiser, Amstel Light and Asahi (Japan routes)

Black Russian, Bloody Mary, Bucks Fizz, Champagne Cocktail, Cosmopolitan (US routes), Fantasy Island, Kir Royal, Manhattan, Martini Cocktail Classic, Screwdriver, Vodka Martini

Premium Scotch Whisky

Chivas Regal 18 Years Old

As the world’s leading ‘super premium’ Scotch whisky, Chivas Regal 18 years old is enjoyed by many of the world’s most discerning connoisseurs as each cask is hand selected by master blender Colin Scott

Single Malt Whisky

Glenfiddich 15 Years Old

A solera matured expression of the world’s best-selling single malt. Aged in Scotland for a minimum of 15 years in a selection of three distinctive casks; American Bourbon, Spanish Sherry and new oak

Irish Whiskey


Established by John Jameson in 1780, Jameson is a single distillery blended, triple distilled, smooth Irish Whiskey


Hennessy XO

Originally created in 1870 for the personal use of the Hennessy family, Hennessy XO is the result of more than 100 eaux-de-vie crafted together having been aged for up to 30 years

Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

A genuinely iconic brand, enjoyed in over 200 countries worldwide. A vanilla and toffee nose gives way to a balanced rich and honeyed palate


Grey Goose

Officially known as the ‘world’s best tasting vodka’, Grey Goose is the result of the finest ingredients, distilled to perfection by maître de chai, Francois Thibault


Bombay Sapphire

As the world’s leading premium gin, Bombay Sapphire is crafted from an ancient recipe dating back to 1761. It is made using a blend of ten distinct botanicals giving a unique flavour


Bacardi Superior

Another icon, the perfect cocktail ingredient and a favourite of Hemmingway during his time in Cuba, Bacardi Superior has been one of the world’s most popular spirits for decades

Bailey’s Irish Cream

An award-winning definitive blend of smooth Irish cream with quality spirits and whiskey

Tia Maria

Dating back to a mid-17th century recipe, Tia Maria is an exotic infusion of natural vanilla and the finest fresh coffee roasted to perfection, complemented with a touch of Jamaican rum


This luxury expression of Scotland’s defining whisky liqueur is crafted using malts from the Speyside


A wonderful combination of sweet, zesty and bitter orange entwined with smooth alcohol. Drunk either with ice to finish a meal or mixed with fresh juice to quench your thirst

A selection of fine wines from internationally renowned vineyards of the old and new world

Fruit juices

refreshing choice of chilled juices

Breakfast fruits

a seasonal assortment of the finest fresh cut fruits


selected fruit-flavoured yoghurt

Breakfast bread basket

a variety of freshly baked breads, butter croissants and flaky breakfast pastries, served with butter and preserves


black and herbal teas from around the world


brewed to order, your choice of decaffeinated, espresso and cappuccino

Traditional local Arabic mezze

the flavours of our home, presented as a generous spread of traditional Arabic savoury dishes including hommous, artichoke and mushroom salad, loubieh bil zeit and baba ghannouj, complemented by local garnishes

Seafood selection

fisherman's feast of premium smoked salmon and fresh dill marinated prawns and scallops, served with avocado salsa

Pea soup

a creamy home-style vegetable soup, served with sautéed peas

Lamb noisette

round tender lamb fillet, char grilled and drizzled with lamb jus lié, served with roasted seasonal vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes

Stuffed chicken breast

tender chicken breast gently filled with cheese, served with cherry tomato stew, sautéed seasonal vegetables and golden oven-roasted potatoes

Prawn biryani

prawns marinated in aromatic spices and slow cooked with rice, garnished with fried cashew nuts, raisins and onions

Bread basket

choose from our range of freshly baked rolls and breads

Yoghurt terrine mousse

creamy whipped dessert, topped and garnished with chocolate


feather-light milk chocolate hazelnut cake with a crispy hazelnut base, covered with a rich milk chocolate ganache

Cheese board

a carefully chosen assortment of the finest boutique cheeses from around the world which includes Vintage Reserve Cheddar, Capricorn Somerset, Camembert, Chaumes and Stilton, served with grapes, crackers and dried fruits

Selection of fruit

a seasonal assortment of the finest fresh cut fruits


black and herbal teas from around the world


brewed to order, your choice of decaffeinated, espresso and cappuccino


fine luxury chocolates

Please note that the above is an example of a typical menu and may vary. Our menus are updated continually.

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