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Emirates flies to destinations across Europe, taking in the culture and history of London, the lifestyles of the rich and famous on the Cote d’Azur via Nice, and the bridge between East and West, the ancient city of Istanbul. Learn about our European destinations below, or see all our destinations on the Route Map.

All Europe Destinations

Dublin, Ireland

Fly Emirates to Dublin, Ireland's enchanting destination, blending ancient and modern with natural beauty.

Düsseldorf, Germany

Fly Emirates to Düsseldorf, Germany’s fashion and media metropolis, to explore both ancient and contemporary architecture in a vibrant riverside setting.

Frankfurt, Germany

Fly Emirates to Frankfurt, Germany’s answer to Manhattan, to explore historic and contemporary architecture of this vibrant financial powerhouse.

Geneva, Switzerland

Fly Emirates to Geneva and discover the Swiss city's legendary culture and hospitality, along with the beauty of Lake Geneva.

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Fly Emirates to Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, to explore the urban treasures of this former European City of Culture.

Hamburg, Germany

Fly Emirates to Hamburg and discover the abundant waterways and vibrant nightlife of Germany’s maritime masterpiece.

Istanbul, Turkey

Fly Emirates to Istanbul and experience the world-class museums, ancient architecture and historical heritage of Turkey’s city of two halves.

Larnaca, Cyprus

Fly Emirates to Larnaca, Cyprus’ ancient city, to explore a blend of history, culture and nature in a Mediterranean beach paradise.

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