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Poles follow global tourism trends

17 March 2014

United Arab Emirates, Thailand, India, China and Australia enjoyed the greatest popularity among Poles traveling with Emirates in 2013. During the first year of its operation on the Polish market, the carrier provided service on the Warsaw-Dubai-Warsaw route to more than 145,000 passengers.

Statistics concerning Emirates show that from over 140 destinations within the company’s network, the most popular among Polish passengers in 2013 were cities of the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Australia, India and China. In the period from 6 February 2013, i.e. from the moment Emirates entered the Polish market, to 10 February this year, the company provided its services to 72,420 passengers flying from Warsaw to Dubai, and to 72,684 passengers flying from Dubai to Warsaw. In total, Emirates Airline transported over 145,000 clients between the two cities.

In addition, Emirates found that among passengers flying its aircraft to Poland, most of the travelers were from the UAE, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia. The number of passengers traveling from Poland to the UAE will continue to rise thanks to abolishment of visa requirements for Poles from 22nd March 2014.

Statistics concerning the first year of Emirates operation on the Polish market make us very happy as they show that Poles like to benefit from the potential that we offer - over 140 destinations around the world with one change in Dubai. Comfort and efficiency of traveling with Emirates persuades more and more passengers from Poland to travel really far contributing, i.a., to the development of the tourism industry in the world. Owing to this, Poland is also becoming a more attractive and accessible destination for foreigners, especially those traveling from Asia - says Maciej Pyrka, Emirates Country Manager for Poland.

The presence of Australia on the list of the most popular destinations among the passengers traveling with Emirates from Poland may be surprising as the country has been perceived as a not easily accessible one. However, the Emirates launch on the Polish market opened a possibility for those traveling from Poland. According to the recent estimates based on Australian census, about 180,000 people of Polish descent live in Australia. Thanks to Emirates, Poles can now visit their families using Emirates convenient connection with only one change in Dubai. To passengers whose waiting time for the next flight does not exceed 24 hours, Emirates offers the Dubai Connect service which allows to utilize the change to both see the main symbols of Dubai, and to rest in one of many comfortable hotels.

The data quoted above indicate that Poles follow global tourism trends - according to the World Tourism Organization, in 2013 it was Asia and the Pacific where the largest, 6-percent, increase in the number of visitors was observed. In this area, Emirates operates in as many as 76 cities in 20 countries, which undoubtedly contributes to the development of tourism. The sub-region of Southeast Asia was visited by 10 percent more visitors than in 2012. Furthermore, the World Tourism Organization announced that, with an additional 52 million international tourists traveling the world in 2013, international tourist arrivals grew by 5 percent last year, reaching a record 1,087 million arrivals, which significantly exceeded expectations.

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