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Travel beyond the Emirates Network

Travel beyond the Emirates Network

Book your entire journey on

Now you can book your entire flight itinerary – including destinations outside the Emirates network – through using our online booking system.

In addition to flights to over 140 destinations, Emirates now offers travel to more than 300 other cities around the world – with more coming in the future – through our extensive airline partnerships.

Booking your complete trip through allows you to travel on one ticket for the entire journey, and allows you to check your baggage through to your final destination.

It also gives you peace of mind that your entire itinerary will be guaranteed according to your fare rules – meaning one delayed flight won’t derail your whole journey.

Make a booking

To make a booking to a destination beyond the Emirates network, simply search for your desired start-point or final destination through our online booking system.

You can also use the ‘multi-city’ tool to book more complex itineraries, letting you build your own personalised travel plans from start to finish.

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  • Find hotels & cars

    Find hotels and cars

    Currently our destinations can only be searched for in English. Please enter the first three letters of the destination to begin your search.

    Please note: children under the age of two don't need to be included as additional guests.

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    Check flight status

  • See what's on your flight

    See what's on your flight

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