Flights to Sialkot

Flights to Sialkot

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Fly Emirates to Sialkot and experience our world-class service with flights four times weekly to this major trade centre of Pakistan.

Savour gourmet meals on your flight to Sialkot. You can also enjoy hundreds of channels of movies, TV shows and music in Business Class and Economy Class on flights to Sialkot with our award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice.

Travel to Sialkot

Flights to Sialkot arrive at Sialkot International Airport, 14km west of the city centre. You can travel throughout Sialkot using taxis and car hire services.

About Sialkot

Sialkot’s friendly, entrepreneurial locals have built up family-run businesses manufacturing an eclectic range of goods, from bicycles and sporting goods to clothing and cutlery. Sialkot’s world-renowned products include surgical instruments, musical instruments and finished leather goods. Beyond its industrial renown, perhaps Sialkot’s most famous landmark is its century-old Clock Tower located in Saddar Bazar - a static focal point in contrast to the bustle surrounding it. Sialkot is also known for being the birth place of famous poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who has a falcon monument dedicated to him in Iqbal Chowk and a museum to explore, Iqbal Manzil.