Flights to Conakry

Flights to Conakry

Our flights to Conakry are currently suspended

Please note, this route is currently suspended.

Fly Emirates to Conakry, Guinea with four flights per week, to the Guinea capital.

On your flight to Conakry you can relax in the spacious comfort of First Class or Business Class or enjoy extra legroom in Economy Class. You’ll also enjoy unrivalled entertainment with the latest movies, TV shows, and music and savour gourmet cuisine.

Travel to Conakry

Flying in to Conakry takes you to Conakry International Airport, which is approximately 12 kilometres from the city centre. The best way to travel into Conakry is by taxi.

Getting around town is inexpensive, but may be a challenge. Buses run infrequently around Conakry and minibuses are very slow.

Flagging down a taxi requires some skill, with a combination of hand signals and shouting your destination to the driver as the taxi passes by. You’ll need bargaining skills to charter a taxi from central Conakry to the airport, which should cost between USD 4 and USD 6.

About Conakry

The Conakry climate features both wet and dry seasons, with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius all year round. Between July and September it rains almost daily, yet from November through to April the sunshine and moderate humidity make it the perfect season to visit Conakry.

The city is renowned for its love of dancing and music, especially traditional Kora music, with its soothing, peaceful melodies. Just a few hours’ drive away from Conakry in the highlands of Guinea is Fouta Djallon, famous for its waterfalls and sweeping natural vistas.

Conakry’s economy continues to grow thanks in large part to a thriving mining industry. It boasts the world’s second largest bauxite reserves as well as abundant gold and diamond deposits, making Conakry a destination that offers many business opportunities.