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There’s plenty to look forward to when you fly with Emirates Skywards, in addition to collecting Miles to spend on your next reward. 

As soon as you join, you can take advantage of our member services to streamline planning and smooth the way when you travel. As you move up tiers, you’ll find more and more to enjoy about every trip, from lounge access at the airport, to instant upgrades on board and priority luggage delivery at your destination.

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Planning Your Trip Blue Silver Gold Platinum
Book Emirates rewards with Skywards Miles online (including flights and upgrades)

Simply log in and go to Plan and Book to search for your flight, and choose ‘Pay with Miles’ to book your reward ticket.

You can upgrade an existing flight with Skywards Miles by going to Manage a Booking.

Our Miles Calculator can show you how many Skywards Miles you need for a flight or upgrade reward on a particular route.

Special member-only offers and travel packages by tier

Browse special offers and travel exclusives available only to Emirates Skywards members. Your membership account page also displays a selection of current promotions relating to your tier or country, so you can see the offers most relevant to you at a glance.

Earn Miles and book rewards with global partners

Being part of the Emirates Skywards family gives you access to unique discounts and opportunities to earn Skywards Miles with our carefully chosen global partners.

It’s easy to request flight rewards, hotel nights, excursions and more with simple online forms.

Nominate a personal travel coordinator

When you nominate a colleague or relative to be your Travel Coordinator, they will be able take care of your account and manage bookings on your behalf. Perfect for busy travellers who need a little help with their itineraries.

Personal preferences remembered

We like to get to know our Emirates Skywards members, to ensure that every journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. If you complete the personal preferences page in your account, we will make a note of your preferences for future flights with Emirates.

Wherever possible, we will anticipate your preference for a window or aisle seat, a particular newspaper, and, if you are a Gold or Platinum member, your favourite inflight drink.

If you are a Gold or Platinum member, we may also send you exclusive Emirates-sponsored event invitations and VIP experiences that are relevant to the interests you have indicated in your personal preferences.

Waitlist priority

Emirates Skywards members receive waitlist priority over non-members for available seats on fully booked flights; this prioritisation increases with tier status.

To make use of this service, please quote your membership number when you book your flight, and we will make every effort to accommodate you. Please note that this privilege is not applicable on reward flights or flights that have a closed status.

Bonus Skywards Miles when flying Emirates

As you move up membership tiers, you can look forward to bonus Skywards Miles every time you fly with us – 25% extra for Silver, 50% extra for Gold and 75% extra for Platinum.

Priority service through our Contact Centres

As a Gold or Platinum member, you can always rely on priority service from our Contact Centres. Our enthusiastic and expert team can help you with any aspect of managing your membership account and also take care of your flight reservations on closed flights, preference updates and reward bookings.

Guaranteed seats, even on fully-booked flights

Whenever you want to travel, Gold and Platinum membership guarantees you an Economy Class seat on your chosen flight*, even if you don’t already have a ticket**. You don’t have to wait for the flight to be full; we’ll confirm your seat when the cabin is full**.

If you’re a Platinum member, we will also do our best to confirm a seat in Business Class. However, during major holidays and special events this may not be possible on some flights.

To use your seat guarantee benefit, just call our Contact Centre at least 48 hours before your flight. Our agents will review your ticket to make sure it is an eligible, full commercial Flex fare. If it’s not, they can upgrade your ticket over the phone. If you don’t already have a ticket, they’ll create a new booking using an eligible fare.

*Some commercial Flex Fares may not be eligible for the seat guarantee benefit but can be upgraded for an additional charge. Please check with our Contact Centre. Read our seat guarantee FAQs for more details.

**Effective 15th August 2014

‘Last seat’ Flex Plus reward tickets

Platinum members can redeem Skywards Miles for a Business Class or Economy Class Flex Plus reward tickets, even on high demand flights with restricted availability.

Flex Plus reward tickets carry extra benefits, such as no fees for changes, and can be upgraded for less Miles. 

Please visit our FAQs to see more details about Last Seat Flex Plus reward tickets.

Gold Partner nomination

We recognise that our frequent flyers like to share their privileges, so our Platinum members can nominate a spouse, partner, business colleague or friend for Gold membership. Your nominee must be an Emirates Skywards member and you can make only one nomination within your 12-month Platinum tier cycle. Once we’ve processed your nomination, you can change your nominee only after their review date. Please see our Gold Partner FAQs for more details. To nominate your Gold partner, visit the Benefits section of your account and enter the last name and membership number of your nominee.

At the Airport Blue Silver Gold Platinum
Buy instant upgrades with Miles at check-in

If you’re in a rush and you don’t have time to upgrade online, you can upgrade instantly with your Skywards Miles at the airport check-in desk. Upgrades can be bought by any tier member and can be made from Economy Class to Business Class, or Business Class to First Class. You can also buy upgrades for friends and family with your Skywards Miles.

Instant upgrades are applicable only for the flight you are undertaking (i.e. if you are transiting on to another destination the upgrade will not apply on the next flight) and are subject to seat and catering availability. To find out more about upgrade rewards and instant upgrades, please visit our FAQs.

E-gate service in Dubai

Qualifying members of any tier can sail through Dubai International airport with e-gate privileges.

Membership cards come with complimentary e-gate technology. Once your card is activated prior to travelling, you will be able to exit and enter the airport in as little as five seconds.

All members residing in the United Arab Emirates, nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council and nationals of the UAE's visa waiver countries, are eligible for the e-gate service.

Please read the FAQ to learn more about Emirates Skywards e-gate privileges.

Priority check in and boarding

Emirates Terminal 3, Dubai International airport: 

Silver members travelling in Economy Class have seven exclusive check-in counters. Gold members can check in at any Business Class counter, regardless of class of travel. Platinum members can check in at the First Class counter, regardless of class of travel. 

Any other airport on the Emirates network: 

Silver and Gold members can check in at the Business Class counter, regardless of class of travel. Platinum members can check in at First Class, regardless of class of travel.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum members are invited to board early on all Emirates flights. 

In addition, Gold and Platinum members travelling with us in any class can breeze through immigration security when arriving at Dubai International airport with Fast Track passes.

Excess baggage allowances

No need to worry about bringing those heavy files for your meeting, or buying last-minute souvenirs and gifts.

Whenever the normal baggage allowance is reflected in kilogrammes on a ticket, Silver, Gold and Platinum members can take advantage of the following extra  allowances:

Silver 12 kg
Gold 16 kg
Platinum 20 kg

Please note that some airports have restrictions on luggage that could take priority over this benefit. Please read the FAQ on excess baggage allowance for more details.

Lounge access in Dubai

Once you reach Silver* and Gold status, you can relax in any Emirates Business Class Lounge at Dubai International airport, Concourses A, B or C. Our Business Class Lounges offer complimentary services such as gourmet food and beverages, shower facilities and all-round Wi-Fi access.

Platinum travellers can unwind and enjoy the finer things in life in the First Class Lounge at Emirates Terminal 3, Dubai International airport.

The lounge access benefit is available only when travelling onwards on an Emirates flight.

* Parts of the Concourse B Business Class Lounge have been closed for renovation and are expected to open again towards the end of 2016. When you travel in Economy Class during the works, you’ll only be able to access the lounges in Concourses A and C.

Lounge access throughout the Emirates network

As a Gold or Platinum member, you can take it easy before your flight at over 90 dedicated Emirates Lounges and affiliated lounges across the network. This extra luxury is available to you even when flying Emirates in Economy Class.

The lounge access benefit is available only when travelling onwards on an Emirates flight.

Lounge access for guests

As a Gold member you can enjoy double the benefits with your travelling companion. A friend or family member checked in on your Emirates flight can join you in eligible lounges across the Emirates network, even if your companion is flying in Economy Class.

As a Platinum member, you can invite one guest accompanying you on the same Emirates flight to the First Class Lounge at Dubai International airport and eligible Business Class Lounges on our network, regardless of class of travel.

Please read the FAQ on lounge access for more information.

The lounge access benefit is available only when travelling onwards on an Emirates flight. Passengers flying on Emirates Staff tickets are not eligible to access the lounge as a guest.

On board Blue Silver Gold Platinum
Buy instant upgrades with Miles*

We make it easy to be spontaneous, by allowing Silver, Gold and Platinum members to spend Skywards Miles on instant upgrades on board the aircraft. Upgrades are subject to availability and can be used to transfer from Economy Class to Business Class or Business Class to First Class.

*Special tickets are not eligible for reward upgrades. If you have a Special ticket, you won’t be able to upgrade a family member or friend on board using your Miles.
At your destination Blue Silver Gold Platinum
Special member offers available by tier

Take advantage of our partner network at your destination with discounts on car hire, tours, activities and hotel nights. As well as discounts for members, you can also earn Skywards Miles on your booking and benefit from member-only promotions.

Priority baggage delivery

If you are a Gold member your luggage will be given priority tagging for the Business Class carousel, whenever possible; as a Platinum member, you and your travelling party will be first in line for baggage collection along with First Class passengers, whenever possible.

If you are flying on the joint Emirates-Qantas network, you will continue to receive your Emirates Skywards tier privileges. Please remember to book on flights with an Emirates code (EK flight number) to keep collecting Tier Miles. Your membership number cannot be amended once you have checked in or completed your travel so please ensure to quote your Emirates Skywards membership number to earn Miles and take advantage of your benefits. Visit the Qantas partner page to find out more about how you can benefit from our partnership.

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Membership Benefits
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