Mobile Boarding Pass

You can now receive a mobile boarding pass for your Emirates flight on your web-enabled phone or mobile device.

Currently mobile boarding passes can be issued for most flights from selected airports around the world.

In order to use a mobile boarding pass, you need an active internet connection on your mobile device. You can receive a link to your mobile boarding pass either via email or SMS.

Once you receive your email or SMS, please follow the link in the message to access your mobile boarding pass. You can then use this at the airport – please have your mobile boarding pass available on your screen when you arrive at security and your boarding gate.

iPhone Emirates

To receive a test mobile boarding pass please enter your email address
Please note that your email address will not be stored on our systems or shared with any third party

Optional Save Feature for iPhone Users

If you are using an iPhone to access a mobile boarding pass, you can optionally use the “screenshot” feature to save a copy of your mobile boarding pass to the phone. You can then use this copy throughout your journey, without an active internet connection.

You can do this as follows:

  1. Bring up your mobile boarding pass by following the link in your email or SMS.
  2. With the boarding pass on the screen, hold down the “home” button below the screen – while holding it down, press the “standby” button at the top of the phone.
  3. Your phone will then save a copy of the boarding pass to your phone’s Camera Roll.
  4. Access your saved mobile boarding pass by going into the Gallery, and opening the image of the boarding pass. This can be shown and scanned as normal at all points of your journey.

If you are travelling outside your home network, or in a location with poor data coverage, you can take advantage of a lower-cost or reliable network – for example at a hotel, or in your home or office – to access and save your mobile boarding pass before you start your journey.

Users of other phones with the ability to take a screenshot can also use this function to save their mobile boarding pass – please refer to the instructions for your device or application.