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There are 26 FAQs for Skywards.

What is Skywards and how do I become a member?
Skywards is the award-winning frequent flyer programme from Emirates that offers members rewards and benefits that go beyond the travel experience. For full details, and to join for free please visit www.skywards.com.
How many Skywards Miles do I need to redeem a reward flight?

The number of Skywards Miles required for a reward ticket varies according to your departure point, destination, class of travel and reward type. Please see the Skywards Miles Calculator for more details.

Can I purchase additional Skywards Miles?

Yes. You can top-up your Miles by purchasing additional Miles online at skywards.com.

The cost is just USD 40 per 1,000 Skywards Mile, with a minimum purchase of 2,000 Miles per transaction and maximum purchase of 25,000 Miles in any calendar year. An Emirates or partner transaction is mandatory in the account prior to purchasing Miles.

2,000 Skywards Miles = USD 80
5,000 Skywards Miles = USD 200
10,000 Skywards Miles = USD 400
25,000 Skywards Miles = USD 1,000

You can purchase Miles online with American Express and Diners Club credit cards.

Please note that Skywards Miles are non-refundable and must be purchased at least 48 hours before your booking. Tier Miles cannot be purchased.

Can I combine Miles from two accounts to claim a reward?

No, it is not possible to combine Miles from two separate accounts.

Can I use my Skywards Miles to book a reward ticket for friends and family?

Yes, you can redeem your Skywards Miles for Emirates tickets for anyone.

Why am I asked for a credit card number when redeeming my Skywards Miles for free travel?

Credit card information is required in order to cover the government taxes and airport charges levied on all ticket purchases, including those purchased with Skywards Miles.

Can I use my Skywards Miles to purchase Silver or Gold membership?
No, Silver and Gold membership must be earned by accumulating tier miles when you fly Emirates.
Can reward tickets be refunded or endorsed to other airlines?
Skywards Flex Reward tickets can be refunded for a fee of US$50.  Skywards Saver Reward tickets and Partner Airline reward tickets can be refunded for a fee of US$75.  Note that once issued, reward tickets cannot be endorsed for travel on other airlines.
Can I exchange my Skywards Miles for entry into the Skywards Lounge?
Regrettably, we do not currently offer this option.
What if I cannot travel before my Skywards Miles expire?
Although your Miles must be redeemed before they expire, you can use them to book a reward ticket that is valid for up to 12 months. This means that even if you can’t travel before your Miles expire, you can still redeem them now for a future trip.
How will a Skywards Saver reward benefit me?
Skywards Saver Rewards offer exceptional value when travelling during lower-demand periods or when you are willing to choose an alternative flight to reach your destination. Skywards Saver Rewards are offered in all classes of travel, on a return-only basis. 
What if I have difficulty redeeming my Skywards Miles for a Saver Reward on a high-demand flight?
You can choose to redeem your Miles for a Skywards Flex reward flight. These cost more Miles than a standard Saver reward, but allow for a wider range of travel dates.
For how long are my Skywards Miles valid?

Your Skywards Miles are valid for three years from the date your earning activity is completed. Within the calendar year that Skywards Miles are due to expire, they will be removed from your account at the end of the month in which you were born.

For example, if you earned Miles in June 2012 and your birthday is in August, these Miles will expire on 31st August 2015.

Can I pay to have the validity of my Skywards Miles extended?
No, we do not offer a mileage extension option. You may, however, top-up your account by purchasing additional Miles to claim a reward before your Miles expire. 
Can I redeem Miles for a one-way trip?
Yes, you can redeem Miles for a one-way trip between zones. One-Way Flex Rewards are offered at 50% of return Skywards Flex Reward levels, in all classes of travel. Please note that one-way rewards are not offered for travel within a zone.
How can I use my Skywards Miles to upgrade a flight?
You can use the ‘Manage a Booking’ option here at emirates.com.
Upgrade Rewards are linked to the type of fare you purchase.  A Skywards Flex fare will require less Miles to upgrade compared to a Skywards Saver fare, which will require more Miles.  You can upgrade using the Manage a Booking facility here at emirates.com. Please log in at the top of the page, and then go to “Manage a Booking”. Enter the booking reference and the family name to retrieve the booking and view the upgrade options, if applicable. You can opt to select one or more flights to upgrade using Skywards Miles. Please note that all passengers on the booking will be upgraded.
I have enough Skywards Miles – why can’t I upgrade online?

In order to upgrade a flight online:

  • An eTicket must have been issued for each passenger travelling
  • The flight must be operated and marketed by Emirates, i.e. no codeshare flights.
  • The departure time of the flight you wish to upgrade should be at least six hours ahead of the current local time in the departure city
  • The dates and flight numbers on your eTicket must match the dates and flight numbers on your booking.
Do I have to upgrade all of the passengers in my itinerary, or can I upgrade just one?

When using Skywards Miles to upgrade your booking online, all passengers in your itinerary will be upgraded for the flight(s) you have selected.

If you do not wish the upgrade to apply to all passengers, simply contact your Emirates Contact Centre, who can arrange to upgrade only those passengers you choose.

Do I have to pay anything extra when upgrading my booking using Skywards Miles?

Some countries levy additional taxes or charges when you travel in a higher class. You will be informed of any additional charges when upgrading your booking.

If you are upgrading online, the additional taxes and charges must be paid for by credit card during the upgrade process. If you do not have a credit card, please contact the Emirates Contact Centre to arrange for payment to be made at a local Emirates office or ticket desk.

What if I want to cancel a Skywards upgrade?
Please contact your nearest Emirates Contact Centre. Please note conditions apply.
What do I get when I upgrade a booking using Skywards Miles?

All the benefits of the class of travel to which you have upgraded. These include extra baggage allowance, lounge access and Chauffeur-drive, where available (Chauffeur-drive service should be requested at least 48 hours before flight departure).

Please note that the fare conditions of your original ticket continue to apply at all times.  For example, if there are any fees or charges applicable to your original ticket, these will continue to apply even after upgrading with Miles.

What is the Miles Accelerator and how does it work?

The Miles Accelerator offers a special selection of Emirates flight bonuses throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to earn more Miles and to reach your desired rewards even more quickly.

Every month, a list of flight-specific bonuses will be published on skywards.com, allowing you to search for and choose the flights that will maximise the number of Miles you will earn, whenever you are planning to travel.

To qualify for the Miles Accelerator bonuses, you simply need to ensure that you purchase a ticket and register online for that month’s bonus before the end of the month.

How can First Class and Business Class bonuses help me to reach Silver or Gold status more quickly?

Whenever you fly Emirates First Class or Business Class, you will receive 150% and 75% bonus tier miles respectively. So flying in our premium cabins will help you reach the Gold or Silver tier sooner.

When I move up a tier, how long do I retain it? For how long will my card be valid?

When you move from Blue to Silver status, or from Silver to Gold, your status review date will be one year from the end of the month in which you achieved your new status.

In other words, you will have until the end of the same month the following year to earn the 25,000 tiers miles (Silver) or 50,000 tier miles (Gold) you require to retain your tier status.

Your membership card and status, and the benefits they afford you, extend two months beyond your review date. This gives you at least 14 months to enjoy your status, and ensures that we can deliver your new card to you before your old one expires. 

For example, if you achieve Silver status on 17th March 2010, your Silver review date will be 31st March 2011. Your Silver status and membership card will therefore be valid until 31st May 2011. If you qualify and renew your Silver status on your review date, your next review date will be set for 31st March 2012, and your new Silver membership card will be valid until 31st May 2012.

Can I transfer Skywards Miles from my account to another member’s account?

Skywards Miles can be transferred at a cost of USD 25 per 1,000 Miles to any Skywards account via skywards.com. Miles can only be transferred if the receiving account has at least one earning activity in the account.

Can I combine Miles from two accounts to claim a reward?

No, it is not possible to combine Miles from two separate accounts but you may either purchase Miles or transfer existing Skywards miles to another Skywards account.

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