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In a world where working weeks stretch ever longer and the range of the average business person grows ever wider, the demanding schedule of the modern business traveller affords few opportunities to savour a relaxing meal. That luxury however, is a standard part of Emirates’ Business Class travel. 

Feel free to work through your meal as you travel to or from your important business engagements. But try unplugging for a short while on your next Emirates flight and you’ll see why we’ve earned our reputation for the finest food and service available in Business Class today.

Healthy Meal Options

Our award-winning chefs have created a range of healthy meal options with an emphasis on preserving the original flavours and essential vitamins, whilst avoiding the addition of saturated and trans fats, salt and added sugars.

In preparing these dishes, they have used cooking techniques and styles associated with healthy eating-grilling, poaching, stewing, boiling, baking and the unique sous vide ‘under vacuum’, a technique that is intended to maintain the integrity of fresh ingredients by heating them for an extended period at relatively low temperatures.

The Emirates dining experience

  • Business Class customers enjoy a complete range of complimentary drinks including cocktails, champagne, and vintage wines, except on flights to Saudi Arabia.
  • All meals are served on china tableware, on tray tables laid with fine linen.

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