A380 Environmental Facts

Emirates greener, cleaner, quieter A380s take the skies

The Airbus A380 is one of the most environmentally advanced aircraft in the sky. With fuel efficiency as low as 3.1 litres per 100 passenger kilometres, ultra quiet engines, and a host of light-weight components, Emirates A380s fly more passengers further and more efficiently than other large commercial aircrafts. Emirates worked closely with Airbus to make the A380 dream a reality, and the result is a green giant that is the pride of our fleet.

The A380’s fuel efficiency is better than most modern small passenger cars in terms of fuel economy per passenger kilometre – this is a key advantage in reducing our emissions and maximising eco-efficiency. 

The environmentally advanced Emirates A380

Emirates A380s were specially selected with the Engine Alliance GP7200 engines, which save a further 500,000 litres of fuel per aircraft per year than other alternatives. The greater fuel efficiency of the GP7200 engines on Emirates A380s results in the lowest emissions of any large commercial aircraft - a  meagre 75g of CO2 per passenger kilometre.

Emirates is the largest operator of the A380, with 13 aircraft currently in our fleet and orders for 90 aircraft in total. As our fleet grows, we continue to add more modern and more eco-efficient aircraft to our operations. With an average fleet age of just over 5 years, our fuel efficiency and emissions performance is one of the industry’s best – some 30% ahead of the global fleet average. Our significant investment in modern, low emissions aircraft helps to ensure that international aviation continues to grow sustainably.

The bottom line? The A380, along with aircraft like our Boeing 777 family and our order of 70 new A350-XWBs, allows Emirates to offer passengers the opportunity to fly on some of the most technically-advanced, comfortable and environmentally-friendly aircraft in the skies today.

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