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Dubai Nightlife

Dubai Nightlife

Dubai nightlife - beach parties, VIP club nights, intimate lounges and great outdoor bars

Dubai is full of ways to have fun when the sun goes down, from the largest and latest clubs through to intimate lounges, bars and cafes. In Dubai, outdoor and beach clubs are popular too, and some of the best known Dubai clubs and bars are in the leading hotels. There are popular clubs all over Dubai, with the biggest concentration in the beach hotels and on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The Dubai club and bar scene effortlessly incorporates just about anyone, and age is no barrier providing you are over 21. Bear in mind that dress codes are generally applied fairly rigidly at all venues bar a few outdoor ones.

Chart music is always popular, but many Dubai clubs and bars host live bands and theme nights. The trick is to be in the right place on the right night. There are local listings available through Timeout and Mumtazz. Be aware that most Dubai clubs don’t generally get going until at least 23:00 and then close at around 03:00.

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Neos A lounge bar with a view of the Burj Khalifa and a selection of classic drinks and hors d’oevres give this venue the ‘wow’ factor

Sho Cho

Sho Cho A Japenese styled venue, rated by some as one of the world’s great bars

The Irish Village

The Irish Village A regular institution, The Irish Village is much loved, and features big name live entertainment


Zuma Zuma, the popular Japanese restaurant which opened in London in 2002, launched in Dubai in September 2008

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Dubai nightlife offers many entertainment opportunities as well as top night clubs and bars.
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