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It is important to be aware of what you can and cannot take with you when you fly

Emirates has one of the world’s most generous baggage policies. When flying with Emirates you can enjoy the following checked baggage allowances:

  • 30kg in Economy Class
  • 40kg in Business Class
  • 50kg in First Class

If you are an Emirates Skywards Platinum, Gold or Silver member, you may also be entitled to additional allowances.

Note: for itineraries including any destinations in North or South America, different baggage rules apply: for North America, customers are allowed two bags of up to 23kg each in Economy Class, and two bags of up to 32kg each in First Class or Business Class. For South America, customers are allowed two bags of up to 32kg each in all classes.

To see details of the baggage policies and the excess baggage rates for your journey, please use our baggage allowance calculator.

Interline Baggage Policy

If your travel starts in the United States and the first carrier on your booking is not Emirates, different rules may apply – learn more.

Interline flights are flights that are on the same ticket as your Emirates flights, but operated by another airline and do not have an 'EK' flight number. These airlines may have a different baggage allowance to Emirates. Refer to the Interline Partner Baggage Allowance page for information on the allowance or charges for carry-on baggage and the first and second checked bag.

Baggage Allowance Calculator & Excess Baggage Rates
Checked and cabin baggage allowances change depending on your route. Find out how much baggage you can bring with you and the excess baggage rates for your journey before you fly. Baggage Allowance Calculator & Excess Baggage Rates
Cabin Baggage Rules
Cabin baggage rules have recently changed, particularly those applying to liquids and gels. It is important to be aware of what you can bring onto the flight with you before you check in. Cabin Baggage Rules
Extra Checked Baggage Allowances
Some customers, such as those with disabilities and those travelling with sporting goods, may be eligible for a higher checked baggage allowance. Extra Checked Baggage Allowances
Purchase Additional Baggage Allowance
If you require additional baggage allowance, you can now purchase it online at a discounted rate, saving you time and money. Purchase Additional Baggage Allowance
Delayed and Damaged Baggage
It's unfortunate, but occasionally checked baggage is delayed or damaged in transit. See how Emirates can help you retrieve or replace your baggage. Delayed and Damaged Baggage
Delayed Baggage Tracer
Use your trace number to track delayed bags and check the status of your report. Delayed Baggage Tracer
Baggage Services in Dubai
Emirates Terminal 3 in Dubai offers a range of baggage services to make your journey easier. Baggage Services in Dubai