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Delayed and Damaged Baggage

Delayed and Damaged Baggage

What to do if your baggage is delayed

Your baggage will normally be carried on the same aircraft as you but it may occasionally be necessary for it to be carried on another aircraft.

Your property is important to us and we will assist you if you are separated from your baggage. We have a sophisticated global system in place designed to reunite customers with their baggage as quickly as possible.

Delayed baggage

If you cannot find your baggage at the terminal, the first step is to approach the baggage services desk at the airport. This can usually be found in the customs hall, near the baggage claim area.

There, you will need to fill out a Property Irregularity Report. This report will contain a unique reference number, which enables Emirates to trace your baggage as quickly and efficiently as possible. You may view the status of your report at any time by entering your reference number here

The more information you can give us about your baggage – colour, make, identifying marks, etc. – the better.

If you have left the airport without filling out a report, please contact your local Emirates office as soon as possible.

When your baggage has been received, we will advise you immediately and arrange a time for delivery subject to customs approval. 

Checked Baggage Tips

Many bags look alike, so it is important to be able to recognise your own luggage. Always tie an identification tag to each checked item with your name, address and contact details. Emirates staff at the check-in counter can provide you with a tag if you do not already have one.

To further distinguish your luggage, consider tying a brightly-coloured ribbon to the handle, placing a sticker on the bag, or otherwise decorating your property so that it is easily recognisable.

Some items should not be included in checked baggage, such as valuables (including jewellery), computers and electronic devices, keys, important documents (including passports), and medication or medical equipment that cannot be replaced quickly.

Please also ensure that your baggage is sufficiently robust, well packed and secured in order to withstand the usual and normal rigours of carriage by air without sustaining damage.

For further information on baggage please see our Conditions of Carriage for customers and Baggage.

Emirates defines baggage as articles, effects and other personal property of a customers as are necessary or appropriate for wear, use, comfort or convenience in connection with the trip. Unless otherwise specified, it includes both checked and unchecked baggage of the customer.