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Now Playing on ice : Games

With over 2,000 channels of entertainment, from movies and television to music and games, you’ll never run out of things to watch and do with ice. Here’s a preview of what’s playing this month.

Welcome to Games

We offer you everything from classic arcade games to multiplayer trivia - as well as many children's games.

AsteroidsTMAsteroids transports you back to the arcades of the early 80s when it was THE GAME to play.
BzzzYou control BZZZ, the busy bee, and have to pick all the flowers in the area.
Cave CrunchHelp hunt for food in this Pacman-style game that is just as challenging as the original!
CentipedeYou are trapped in a mushroom field and must destroy giant centipedes with your magic wand!
Cyber KlashControl one of four powerful Mecha-Warriors to compete in this futuristic ball game.
Gobble SnakeA hungry snake seeks out its prey and each time the snake eats, it grows.
GravitarTMFight against gravity and rid your solar system of invading Aliens!
InvasionFight biomechanical aliens threatening to deplete Earth's life force!
Magma ZoneHelp our alien friend in this exciting breakout game!
Missile CommandTMMissile Command is an early arcade classic from Atari.
Mission Jade ThunderUndertake a mission to capture four dangerous criminals hiding in an asteroid belt.
NiflheimHelp Hel, the Viking goddess who rules icy Niflheim, to get back to the world of the living.
PongThe first, classic computer tennis game, Pong is a game that requires very little introduction.
WarlordsTMYou must protect your castle, with a shield and a warlord, against three other players.
BackgammonBackgammon is one of the oldest dice games and very popular in the Middle East.
Battleship®Battleship is a classic board game that has been part of many childhood memories.
CheckersYou can either play against the computer or test your skills again
Chinese CheckersMove all your marbles from your starting side to the opposite side of the board.
Kasparov ChessmateCome up against one of the best players of all time!
MemoryAvoid the stress of complicated rules, racing against time, or ruthless opponents in this classic game.
ReversiFlank your opponent to gain position and isolate the four corners to gain a strategic advantage. You can play against
ShanghaiTry to remove all the tiles from a pile by matching them in pairs.
SolitairePerhaps the most popular card game to play on your own.
Ultimate Yahtzee®Ultimate Yahtzee is one of the most popular dice games in the world.
BlackjackAlso known as 21 or Pontoon, Blackjack is easy and fun to play.
CrapsPerhaps the most exciting casino game there is, but not the easiest!
PokerPoker is a card game of skill, but is easy to play and master.
RouletteThe bets are placed, the wheel is spun, and there goes the ball!
Elephant MemoryHow good is your memory?
Zupples JuniorZupple is fun and challenging. Are you smart enough?
In-Flight Trivia TournamentJoin this onboard Trivia Tournament playing against fellow travellers.
CaveManThis game tests your intelligence and forward planning skills!
HangmanWho hasn't, as a kid, played a good old game of hangman?
Mine SweeperJust like on your PC! Find all the mines as quickly as possible without stepping on any of them.
Super ScrambleAn entertaining game built on the simple concept of rearranging letters to form a word.
TetrisTetris is one of the most addictive puzzle games.
Tik Rack ToeLike tic-tac-toe, or noughts and crosses, but on a bigger scale.
VoltrixHow long can you survive?
Water PipeYou play Walter the Plumber who has to stop the leaks before the whole house floods.
Mini-GolfGrab a club and a ball, and head for the golf course!
Virtua BowlingTry to strike-out at the alley
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