Are there additional baggage allowances for snow and water ski equipment? (routes including North or South America)

A set of snow ski equipment may consist of:

  • one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles and one pair of ski boots or
  • one snow board and one pair of boots.

A set of water ski equipment may consist of:

  • one pair of standard water skis or
  • one slalom water ski.

The charge for snow and water ski equipment carried as excess baggage is 33% of the standard excess baggage charge for the first set of ski equipment beyond the free two pieces of baggage. For additional sets, the normal charges apply.

Rescue equipment (including avalanche rescue equipment)

Rescue equipment is considered normal baggage and will incur normal excess baggage rates if in excess of your baggage allowance. All equipment must conform to the Dangerous Goods Regulations. Contact your local Emirates office for details.

If your travel starts in the United States and the first carrier on your booking is not Emirates, different rules may apply – learn more.