What are the differences between a Skywards Saver flight reward and a Skywards Flex flight reward?

Saver rewards offer you exceptional value when travelling in lower-demand periods or when you are willing to choose alternative flights to reach your destination.

  • offered on a return basis only, in all classes of travel
  • allow a maximum stay of 3 months
  • permit one stopover on your journey
  • changes to travel dates after the ticket has been issued incur a fee of USD 25
  • cancelling an unused ticket incurs a fee of USD 75

Flex rewards provide you full flexibility when making your travel plans. They cost more Skywards Miles than Saver rewards but they offer you more seat availability during high demand periods and on high demand flights.

  • offered on a return and one-way basis, in all classes of travel
  • allow stays of up to one year
  • permit up to two stopovers
  • changes to travel dates can be made at any time without charge
  • cancelling an unused Flex reward ticket incurs a fee of USD 50

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