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How do I change details of my trip after I have completed the booking?

You can use the Manage a Booking tool on emirates.com to make changes to most aspects of your booking. For most Emirates bookings, you can change the dates or times of your flights, your destination or origin, or add and remove stopovers. All these changes can be made through the 'change my booking' link in Manage a Booking. If you cannot see the 'change my booking' link, please contact your local Emirates Office.

You can also manage other parts of your booking, such as choosing a seat, requesting a special meal, adding a frequent flyer number or making a Chauffeur-drive booking.

For any other changes, please contact your local Emirates Office.

There may be a fee associated with making changes to your booking depending on the fare conditions of your ticket.

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Hotel booking and car rental


Hotel booking (excluding Dubai Stopovers) and car rental queries only (service provided by Tourico).
Tourico is unable to answer any flight or Chauffeur-drive service related queries.
Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Please call this number for general queries or to make changes to your travel insurance policy.

If you want to make a claim:
Please refer to the phone number in your policy document.