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Can I book a trip with multiple destinations?

Yes. Select the “Multiple destinations” radio button on the Make a Booking page if your trip will take you through two or more cities before you return to your city of departure.  You can add more destinations by clicking on “Add a destination” at the bottom of the “Where and when” section.

You can also use this function to book a stopover: simply enter each leg of the journey separately. For example, to book a stopover in Dubai on your way from London to Sydney, enter “London” and “Dubai” in the first set of search fields, then “Dubai” and “Sydney” in the second set. Then click “Add a destination”, and enter “Sydney” and “London” in the final set of search fields.

You can also use this function to book a journey that begins in one city and ends in another after passing through one or more other cities in between.

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Hotel booking and car rental


Hotel booking (excluding Dubai Stopovers) and car rental queries only (service provided by Tourico).
Tourico is unable to answer any flight or Chauffeur-drive service related queries.
Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Please call this number for general queries or to make changes to your travel insurance policy.

If you want to make a claim:
Please refer to the phone number in your policy document.