Emirates and the US

Connecting the US with new markets

The United States is a key growth market in our global network. In June 2004, we launched a non-stop passenger service between Dubai and New York City, and since then we have expanded to Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago and Orlando.

In total, we operate 16 passenger flights per day between Dubai and the US – four times daily to New York with three direct services and one via Milan; twice daily to Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle and daily services to the other six destinations. Emirates operates the Boeing 777 to six US cities. It also operates the Airbus A380, powered by US-made GE GP7200 engines to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Since 2004, we have carried more than 14.7 million passengers on our US flights. For the US economy, Emirates delivers high-yield tourists and business travellers from important developing markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Our flights between the US and Dubai have also carried 681,000 tonnes of valuable goods since 2004. This facilitates US foreign trade and opens up new markets for US exporters in the Middle East and South Asian subcontinent. Every week, we carry items such as auto parts out of JFK, seasonal produce such as apples and cherries from Seattle, oil and gas equipment out of Houston, medical supplies out of Los Angeles, and frozen meat from Chicago. In total, our cargo capacity from the US is over 2,000 tonnes per week.

We continue to link the US, the world’s largest economy, with emerging markets that will further drive American economic growth, trade and job creation. Of the 84 destinations on our Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific network, 62 destinations are not directly served by any US carrier. For example, the breadth of our network between the US and India is unparalleled, offering more flights than any other foreign carrier and significantly reduced travel times compared to airlines connecting via European hubs.

Read more about Emirates’ operations in our factsheet ‘Emirates and the US’.

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