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Now Playing on ice : Arabic Cinema

With over 1,600 channels of entertainment, from movies and television to music and games, you’ll never run out of things to watch and do with ice. Here’s a preview of what’s playing this month.

Welcome to Arabic Cinema

Enjoy our selection of Arabic films.

Featured movie

Ma'boudat Al Jamaheer (1967)

Ma'boudat Al Jamaheer (1967)

Musical, 165 minutes

Starring two of the best singers of all time - Abdel Halim Hafez and Shadia, this movie is full of great musical hits.   Watch preview

Directed by: Helmy Rafla
Starring: Abdel Halim Hafez, Shadia

Arabic Cinema
MovieGenrePrimary Cast/Voices OfRunning time in minutesWatch Trailer
A Man of HonorDramaMajdi Mashmushi, Caroline Hatem97Watch the trailer
Aadow al Mar'a (1966)DramaLaila Taher, Nadia Lutfi, Roshdi Abaza92Watch the trailer
Al Harami W El AabitDramaKhaled Saleh, Rubi, Khaled Al Sawi95Watch the trailer
Aqareb El SaáDramaMaysa Maghribi, Abdulla Hamed99Watch the trailer
AshamDramaMohammad Khan, Salwa Ali87Watch the trailer
El 3enab el Morr (1965)DramaAbdel Men'em Basiony, Lubna Abd el Azeez, Adel Adhem100Watch the trailer
El Wahsh (1954)DramaSamia Gamal, Anwar Wagde, Mahmoud el Meligy108Watch the trailer
Garima Fi AL Hay Al Hadeaa (1967)DramaNadia Loutfi, Roshdi Abaza, Zozo Nabeel95Watch the trailer
Gouwa Al Le'baActionMustafa Amar, Riham Abdel Ghafour90Watch the trailer
Layale el 7ob (1955)Drama / RomanceMohamed al Deeb, Azeeza Helmi, Abdel Salam al Nabulsy112Watch the trailer
Lel Rejal Faqat (1964)RomanceNadia Lotfy, Soad Hosni, Hassan Youssef109Watch the trailer
Ma'boudat Al Jamaheer (1967)MusicalAbdel Halim Hafez, Shadia165Watch the trailer
Mafesh Tafahom (1961)DramaSoad Hosni, Hassan Yousif, Abdel Men’em Isma’eel92Watch the trailer
Samir Abu El NileComedyAhmed Makki, Nicole Saba109Watch the trailer
Wa Baad Al TofanDrama / ThrillerAhmed Azmi, Hanan Mutawea, Hala Fakhry98Watch the trailer
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