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Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

Dubai is a magnet that draws visitors from around the globe

From the moment you arrive, you can begin to see why.

Emirates is pleased to announce that all Emirates flights are now arriving at and departing from the new Emirates Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport. Codeshare flights not operated by Emirates continue to arrive at and depart from Terminal 1.

Discover Dubai
Discover Dubai
Before you fly, discover the extraordinary city of Dubai with our guide to some of its best experiences and attractions. Discover Dubai
Emirates Terminal 3
Emirates Terminal 3
Introducing our new state-of-the-art facility rivaling the very best airports in the world: Emirates Terminal 3, dedicated exclusively for our customers. Emirates Terminal 3
marhaba Services
Offering meet-and-greet services and airport lounges, marhaba provides a swift, smooth, and pleasant passage through the airport. Learn more at marhabaservices.com. marhaba Services
Dubai Stopovers on Arrival
Find out about our Stopovers on Arrival packages available from Dubai Airport. Dubai Stopovers on Arrival
Terminal 1
The Sheikh Rashid Terminal is still in operation for all airlines other than Emirates, as well as codeshare flights not operated by Emirates. Find out more here. Terminal 1
Codeshare Flights
All codeshare flights not operated by Emirates and Qantas, arrive and depart from Terminal 1.