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Flights to Lisbon

Flights to Lisbon

Fly to Lisbon daily via Dubai

Emirates now flies daily to Lisbon, our first destination in Portugal. Now you can discover the rich history, fine art, and café culture of one of Europe’s oldest capitals with nonstop Emirates flights from Dubai.

On every Emirates flight to Lisbon, luxury and comfort await you with over 600 channels of on-demand entertainment, gourmet cuisine, and award-winning service. Enjoy First Class flat-bed relaxation, comfortable Business Class seating, a spacious Economy Class cabin, and convenient seatback electronic communication in all classes on Emirates flights to Lisbon.

Travel to Lisbon

When you fly to Lisbon Airport, getting around is easy, as the airport is located very near the heart of the city, and with public transport readily available, you’re only minutes from the vibrant streets of Portugal’s capital. A preferred mode of travel around Lisbon is the Tram network which runs through ancient areas of the city and has cars pre-dating World War I.

However you choose to get around, it’s easy to lose yourself in the nostalgic melody of a Fadista’s song, among priceless works of art, or within the ancient walls of a castle when traveling across Lisbon, because there is always something to discover from Salvador Dali’s masterpieces to cozy restaurants, picturesque sea views, and cutting-edge fashion. Travelers to Lisbon will encounter iconic landmarks like the celebrated Belém Tower, the warmth and conviviality of its sidewalk cafés, and the charm of historic hillside neighborhoods.

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