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eTicket Refund

eTicket Refund

You may request a refund of all Electronic Tickets on a single itinerary, provided that payment was made online at the time of booking. Depending on fare rules*, refunds may be permitted for unused or partly used tickets.

Before submitting your request, please cancel your booking by visiting Manage a Booking or calling your local Emirates Office.

The refund will be processed by Emirates within 10 working days and charged back to the credit card that was used for online payment. Note that your credit card company may need additional time to post the money to your account.

Please contact your local Emirates office if you would prefer the refund be made to a different credit card, or if you have a paper ticket.

Please submit separate requests for normal online bookings and for online redemption bookings.

Enter the necessary details for each electronic ticket below and submit your request. Your Electronic Ticket Number can be found on your eTicket receipt (example: 176 2101234567).


* Each fare type has rules attached which may include restrictions such as non upgradeable or non refundable.