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Health & Travel

Health & Travel

Because the health and well-being of our passengers is our paramount concern, we are pleased to provide Emirates travelers with information to assist in making each step of their journeys healthy and safe.*

MEDIF form (pdf)

For passengers who require special medical attention, you can download this printable Medical Information for Fitness to Travel form for you and your doctor to complete prior to departure. Please note this only applies to passengers who are flying on an itinerary that is booked solely on Emirates operated flights. Customers requiring medical clearance must book flights and services with the operating carrier. The MEDIF form should not be dated or submitted more than one month before the departure date.

Health / vaccination requirements search
Find the specific health and vaccination requirements for travelers in each country in your itinerary. Health / vaccination requirements search
Before You Travel
Information for passengers with medical conditions or special needs, and tips and guidelines for traveling with newborn babies or while pregnant. Before You Travel
During Your Flight
Advice on maximizing comfort and handling medical situations inflight. During Your Flight
After You Arrive
Precautions all passengers should take to protect their health while traveling abroad. After You Arrive
*This information is provided as general advice. For specific medical advice, please contact your doctor.