Entertainment for Kids

A world of entertainment is available on every Emirates flight, promising something for every member of the family—especially your children.

TV, movies, and more

Your kids can watch the latest films, cartoons, and more on their own personal seatback TVs. We also offer dedicated children's channels and special brightly colored headphones for our younger passengers—just ask your cabin crew.

Audio channels

Music-loving children will love our great selection of radio, podcasts, and CDs, including the latest hits.

Interactive games

Exciting interactive games are available on all flights, including something for children of all ages. Enjoy a simple game of Four in a Row or test your reactions against Tetris. You can take on the computer at backgammon, a fellow passenger at chess, or everyone on board your flight in the Trivia Challenge.

Just for children

When it’s time to shift gears and do some reading, Emirates has just the thing with 3,2,1 … and e-kids, our exclusive children’s magazines. They’re filled with stories, jokes, puzzles, and fun facts that are sure to entertain.

Special occasions

If your child is traveling on his or her birthday, notify one of our Reservations agents and we'll happily prepare a special cake as a gift to celebrate your child’s happy day. Time permitting, we’ll also take a Polaroid of your family as a complimentary memento of your flight upon request.

A view that’s out of this world

With our Flying Camera channel, your child can get a pilot's-eye view of take-off and landing, as well as the scenery en route. They’ll also be able to follow the plane's progress, altitude, and airspeed on a dynamic map linked to the onboard computers through the Airshow channel.

Products / services featured may not be available on all aircraft.