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Economy Class Dining

Economy Class Dining

The highest standards in ingredients, preparation, and service on all flights.

The people of the United Arab Emirates pride themselves on their hospitality and service, and as the international airline of Dubai, so do we. That is why every delicious and satisfying meal served on Emirates is planned and prepared with the same care and the same high-quality ingredients.

  • Economy Class customers enjoy a complete range of complimentary drinks, including aperitifs, spirits, beers, and a choice of excellent red and white wines, except on flights to Saudi Arabia. Champagne is also available, at a reasonable cost.

Sample menu

Slices of smoked tuna, served with a marinated vegetable salad 

Served with Spanish dressing

Grilled chicken breast with caramelized plums, served in a cranberry reduction and accompanied by mashed potatoes, baby spinach, and carrot slices

Fillet of lamb marinated in Arabic spices, combined with assorted peppers, charcoal grilled, and served with a cinnamon-scented sauce, accompanied by broccoli, roasted baby corn, and steamed rice

A delicious dessert served with caramel sauce

Please note that the above is an example of a typical menu and may vary. Our menus are updated continually.
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