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Emirates flies to destinations across Europe, taking in the culture and history of London, the lifestyles of the rich and famous on the Cote d’Azur via Nice, and the bridge between East and West, the ancient city of Istanbul. Learn about our European destinations below, or see all our destinations on the Route Map.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fly to Amsterdam via Dubai with Emirates and see the canals, cafes, and gardens of this artistic and enchanting European destination.

Athens, Greece

Fly Emirates to Athens and discover a pedestrian’s paradise among the architecture of an ancient Greek civilization in Europe’s oldest city.

Barcelona, Spain

Fly Emirates to vibrant and artistic Barcelona and experience Spain’s most unique city and its vivacious Catalonian culture.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Fly Emirates to Birmingham and experience the industrial heritage, cheerful character, and world-famous Balti curries of the UK’s "city of a thousand trades".

Brussels, Belgium

Fly Emirates to Belgium’s capital, Brussels. One of Europe’s political centers, Brussels has a rich heritage, including Dutch and French influences, as well as world-renowned cuisine from waffles to chocolate and stunning Old World and 21st-century architecture.

Budapest, Hungary

Fly Emirates daily to Hungary’s capital, Budapest. Nicknamed the "Spa City", Budapest is steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. It has an impressive collection of healing baths and 118 springs.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fly Emirates to Copenhagen and experience Danish design and aesthetic architecture in Scandinavia’s capital of cool.

Dublin, Ireland

Fly Emirates to Dublin, Ireland's enchanting destination, blending ancient and modern with natural beauty.

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