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Rich history combines with forward-thinking attitudes in Kabul – making it a popular choice for those wanting to explore the reborn Afghanistan.

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Kabul, Afghanistan
Afghanistan’s capital is more than 3,500 years old, and over the centuries the city has been part of many empires.

In 1504, shortly after it became a trading powerhouse, the Mughal Emperor Babur captured Kabul. Today, you can see evidence of his rule in one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions: the Gardens of Babur, a favourite hangout for locals as well as visitors. It’s easy to see why the emperor’s final wish was to be buried here.

In the 1700s came the rule of the Afghan Empire, and Kabul became its focal point. That’s when the capital really began to develop as a destination for education, business and culture. Then the boom of the 20th century brought with it even more prosperity and activity.

In ancient texts, Kabul was described as a ‘vision of paradise’. Now the city houses many modern-day attractions, including museums, parks, lakes and galleries – nestled alongside its truly impressive architectural highlights and cultural sites.

But perhaps the biggest draw of the city is actually found beyond its centre. Located in the heart of a valley and surrounded by miles and miles of mountains, the natural beauty of Kabul is astounding – and relatively easy to reach from the city. Centuries ago, local people built a large wall around their kingdom (then named Kabul-Shahan) and today parts of the wall remain. A hike around these ruins is a testing but beautiful way to soak up the atmosphere.

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