Dubai Dune Bashing

The hands-on way to have high-speed fun in the desert, with anything from a 4x4 to a motorbike

Dubai Dune Bashing

Area: Dubai

If you’re looking for a hands-on way to conquer the desert at speed in Dubai, dune bashing is where it’s at.  Why not take a leaf out of the young Emiratis’ book and head for Big Red, a massive sand dune over 300 feet high. Choose the relative safety of a 4x4 or, if you have nerves of steel, you can opt to go dune bashing in a high-powered buggy.

Alternatively, venture off-piste into the scorching desert, mighty sand dunes and endless emptiness – but bring plenty of water, at least one other vehicle, a rope and a spade.

Dubai Dune Bashing

Dubai dune bashing

Various locations

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