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Famous for its laid-back inhabitants, outspoken attitudes and vast and varied terrain, Australia has retained its image as a major holiday destination, and is also seen as an increasingly important business hub.

Emirates flies to five cities across Australia, and offers onward flights to New Zealand from several of these. Whether you’re drawn to the style and energy of Sydney, the culture and sophistication of Melbourne, or the up-and-coming centre and legendary Gold Coast beaches of Brisbane, Australia has plenty to offer every visitor.

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Gold Coast, Australia

Fly Emirates to the Gold Coast, and dive into Australia’s coastal culture. Relax on world-famous beaches by day and enjoy boundless entertainment and nightspots when the sun sets.

Hamilton Island, Australia

Fly with Emirates to Hamilton Island and dive in to the area’s numerous attractions. Whether you prefer exploring the reefs, dining with Koalas or simple relaxation on one of the brilliant beaches, you’re bound to enjoy yourself on Hamilton Island.

Hervey Bay, Australia

Travel to Hervey Bay, Australia, with Emirates and enjoy some of the best viewing spots for Humpback Whales.

Hobart, Australia

Australia’s second oldest city and capital of the ‘Apple Isle’, as Tasmania is commonly known, Hobart is brimming with rich colonial heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, great festivals and an abundance of dining experiences.

Horn Island, Australia

Fly Emirates to Horn Island, a small island in the Torres Strait that has witnessed the convergence of two distinct aboriginal cultures and the modern world during the 20th century, located just 150km off Australia’s northernmost point.

Kalgoorlie, Australia

Fly Emirates to Kalgoorlie and see what it feels like to strike gold in this historic mining town. One of Western Australia’s fastest growing tourist destinations and largest outback towns, Kalgoorlie has a lot to offer.

Launceston, Australia

Fly with Emirates to Launceston and be inspired by Tasmania’s second biggest city that still boasts a small country feel.

Learmonth (Exmouth), Australia

Fly Emirates to Exmouth, Australia, and find beauty, above and below the water.

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