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Miles Accelerator Terms and Conditions

Miles Accelerator enables you to earn more Skywards Miles when you fly with Emirates, irrespective of the fare you pay or where you buy your ticket.

Offering a wide range of Emirates flight bonuses throughout the year, Miles Accelerator allows you to plan your journeys to maximize the number of Skywards Miles you earn.
  1. This month's Miles Accelerator promotion is open to all Emirates Skywards members, including Skywards Skysurfers and Baggage Bonus members, who:

    a) Are members, or who become members, before the end of the applicable month.
    b) Purchase and complete issuance of an eticket between the first and the last day of this month (Dubai local time), as per the ‘Date of Issue’ on the eticket receipt.
    c) Have opted in for the promotion on emirates.com or have purchased their ticket via emirates.com while logged in to their Emirates Skywards account, between the first and the last day of this month (Dubai local time). Opt-in must occur before travel commences. Skywards Skysurfers can opt in only with consent from the Parent/Guardian. Please contact the Emirates Contact Centre.
    d) Book one or more eligible flights operated by Emirates, as listed in this month's Miles Accelerator offer pages on emirates.com.
    e) Make no subsequent changes to their booking or ticket (see clause 15).

  2. An Emirates Skywards member who, at the discretion of Emirates Skywards, satisfies the conditions set out in clause one will be awarded bonus Skywards Miles in addition to Skywards Miles normally earned in respect of the flight. 
  3. Miles Accelerator bonuses do not contribute towards the member’s Tier Miles account. 
  4. Miles Accelerator bonuses apply regardless of fare purchased. All Skywards Flex and Skywards Saver fares are eligible for Miles Accelerator bonuses published on emirates.com 
  5. Tickets may be purchased via travel agents or directly with Emirates. 
  6. Miles Accelerator bonuses are only valid for fares which include the relevant city-pair as a flight coupon on an eticket. For example: a coupon with city pair Christchurch to Bangkok would not be eligible for a bonus if the Miles Accelerator only shows a bonus for Christchurch to Sydney or for Sydney to Bangkok, but not for Christchurch to Bangkok. In this case only a coupon for Christchurch to Sydney or Sydney to Bangkok would be eligible for the bonus Miles. 
  7. Miles Accelerator bonuses will be credited once the member completes their outbound or inbound journey. The Emirates Skywards member will be notified of the mileage credit in their membership statement online at emirates.com 
  8. Miles Accelerator bonuses will only be awarded on etickets. Paper tickets are not eligible for the promotion. 
  9. Members choosing Miles Accelerator flights which result in longer connection times will not be entitled to STPC or any other accommodation provisions.   
  10. If a member has opted in for two or more Emirates Skywards promotions, only the higher of the two eligible bonuses will be earned. 
  11. Members of the Emirates Skywards Family Bonus programme will be entitled to 20% of the Miles Accelerator bonus in addition to their normal entitlement. 
  12. Emirates Skywards members must adhere to the Emirates Skywards Programme Rules in order to remain eligible for the mileage credit. 
  13. Any tickets ineligible for normal Emirates Skywards Miles accrual are also excluded from Miles Accelerator bonuses. These are detailed in the Emirates Skywards Programme Rules
  14. Bonuses apply as per the original ticketed class, excluding any subsequent reward or complimentary upgrades, or other changes. 
  15. If, subsequent to purchase, there is:

    a)  A date change for the same flight number, in the same month, in the same cabin, on the same fare then the Miles Accelerator bonus will not change. Members will not have to opt in again for the promotion, as long as their ticket number remains the same. 
    b) A date change to a different month, or a change to a different flight number, in the same cabin, on the same fare; then whatever bonus is applicable for the new travel month and/or flight will apply. Note that the bonus may be higher, lower, or there may be no bonus at all in this scenario. Members will not have to opt in again for the promotion, as long as their ticket number remains the same. 
    c) Any other change involving a ticket reissue due to (i) a different fare; (ii) a different routing; (iii) a different cabin; (iv) or revised taxes and fees, then the schedule of flight bonuses published in the month of the ticket change (if any) will apply. In such cases where the ticket number changes, the member will have to opt in again for the current Miles Accelerator promotion on emirates.com to be eligible for any prevailing Miles Accelerator offers.